Trees, stars and permanent things…

Tree - You look sad today.

Me - Yeah. Today <insert random problem/tragedy here>.

Tree - It’s okay. Cheer up.

Me - It’s okay? Do you have any idea how sad I feel right now? I had thought <insert random plans and dreams here>. Why did it happen to me?

Tree - It’s not so bad. I’ve lived for a long time, child. I have seen much worse. You have no idea about how much pain people go through. I’ve seen more dreams crushed than you can imagine. I have seen the horrors of wars. Men, mere boys butchered to pieces. I’ve seen mothers losing their children. I’ve seen how passion in men leads to the rise of empires, and how power corrupts them and leads to their fall. I’ve seen old people forget their identities, and young people break their hearts. I’ve seen it all.

Stars - *laugh*

(both look up)

Me - There you are, all bright as always. Why do you laugh?

Stars - Look at you two small things. You talk as if you know things around here. You amount to nothing in this vast universe. A tiny part of a tiny planet drifting somewhere. Don’t you realise? You know nothing and you don’t matter.

Me - But then why am I here? Why create all this?


Me - Come on. What is the meaning of all this? Please tell me.. I beg of you, please…

Tree - They won’t tell. I used to ask them when I was young. Now I’ve stopped asking.

Me - But it doesn’t make sense.

Tree - Nothing does. Sleep, child. Here, I’ll sing you a lullaby with my rustling leaves.

Me - *goes to sleep*

Written by someone on some day