Selected Publications
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Selected Publications
Does Pretraining for Summarization Require Knowledge Transfer?
Kundan Krishna, Jeffrey Bigham, Zachary C Lipton
EMNLP-Findings 2021
Generating SOAP Notes from Doctor-Patient Conversations Using Modular Summarization Techniques
Kundan Krishna, Sopan Khosla, Jeffrey P. Bigham, and Zachary C. Lipton
ACL 2021
Extracting structured data from physician-patient conversations by predicting noteworthy utterances
Kundan Krishna, Amy Pavel, Benjamin Schloss, Jeffrey P. Bigham, and Zachary C. Lipton
International Workshop on Health Intelligence at AAAI 2020
Generating topic-oriented summaries using neural attention
Kundan Krishna, Balaji V. Srinivasan
NAACL 2018
Vocabulary Tailored Summary Generation
Kundan Krishna, Aniket Murhekar, Saumitra Sharma, Balaji V. Srinivasan
An LSTM Based System for Prediction of Human Activities with Durations
Kundan Krishnaβˆ—, Deepali Jainβˆ—, Sanket V. Mehta, Sunav Choudhary (βˆ—-equal contribution)
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